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Zimmer, Inc.

AdvaMed Code of Ethics

Zimmer Is an AdvaMed Member Company

The Advanced Medical Technology Association ("AdvaMed") is dedicated to the advancement of medical science, the improvement of patient care, and in particular the contribution that high quality, innovative Medical Technologies make toward achieving these goals. In pursuing this mission, AdvaMed member companies recognize that adherence to ethical standards and compliance with applicable laws are critical to the industry's ability to preserve its collaboration with health care professionals.

The AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals was recently revised. The enhanced code provisions became effective on July 1, 2009. The revised AdvaMed Code of Ethics further clarifies and distinguishes between appropriate and inappropriate activity between health care professionals and representatives of AdvaMed member companies. The AdvaMed Code of Ethics states that "Companies shall encourage ethical business practices and socially responsible industry conduct and shall not use any unlawful inducements".

AdvaMed recognizes the obligation to facilitate ethical interactions between Companies and Health Care Professionals in order to ensure that medical decisions are based on the best interests of the patient. The ethical principles that govern these interactions are the subject of the revised "Code".

Without reservation, Zimmer strongly endorses both the letter and spirit of the AdvaMed Code of Ethics.

U.S. Business Code of Conduct
AdvaMed Code of Ethics

The U.S. Code of Business Conduct, available above, embodies Zimmer’s commitment to high ethical standards and full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. To the extent that laws vary by country, Zimmer has created a country-specific codes of Business Conduct to better address those variances in national laws. Country specific Codes of Business Conduct are available at:

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