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Zimmer, Inc.

Zimmer Research Funding Program

Zimmer provides funding for external research which is hypothesis-based experimentation and/or clinical evaluation that is consistent with mandatory law, Zimmer’s strategic initiatives and Corporate Compliance Program. We have developed an integrated collaborative process to receive, review and award such funding. Some process benefits include:

  • Assignment of a Research Services Manager who is a corporate Zimmer employee and is the primary contact for the researcher/principal investigator throughout the process.
  • Templates to submit a research proposal in the required Zimmer format.

A discussion with or submission of a White Paper to a Zimmer Research Services Manager about your research idea to determine its strategic fit with Zimmer's business needs is recommended prior to investing time on a full proposal. For more information on the Zimmer research funding program please see the following: Zimmer Research Funding Program Brochure.

If you are interested in seeking funding from Zimmer, please forward your inquiry to Zimmer will assign a Research Services Manager to assist you with the structured process.

If you have discussed your research idea with a Zimmer Research Services Manager and interest has been determined, please download and complete the research grant proposal template and forward it to