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Zimmer® Patient Specific Instruments

Product Description

Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments. Personalized Efficient Surgery.

Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments streamline total knee replacement surgery by ensuring accurate and reproducible guide fixation. Based on your patient’s MRI, mechanical axis pin guides conform precisely to your patient’s anatomy, giving you the fit you can feel. Our proprietary stabilizing features enhance guide fixation while ensuring that your end result matches your preoperative plan.

Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments simplify the total knee process from start to finish without compromising your surgical decision making, surgical technique, or intraoperative flexibility. The Surgeon Planner allows you to customize each patient’s surgical plan before ever entering the OR. Such preoperative determinations include:

  • Implant size: femur/tibia
  • Femoral rotation
  • Resection depth
  • Varus/valgus
  • Flexion/extension
  • Posterior slope
  • Implant selection 
  • Tibia Rotation

Surgeon Controlled Customization
The Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments Planner is the next generation in surgical planning. The surgeon can preoperatively view the patient’s anatomy in its purest geometrical form to develop a customized surgical plan for each patient. The Zimmer Patient Specific Instrument Planner is also now available on the iPad and compatible with all web browsers and computer platforms.

Reduced Instrumentation Solution
Through preoperative determinations, Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments can facilitate a reduction in conventional instrumentation requirements. Fewer instruments can increase OR efficiencies while reducing inventory and other instrument labor costs.

Revolutionary Instruments with Revolutionary Implants
Combining Patient Specific Instruments and individualized implant options with industry firsts such as the Persona® Knee System and High Flexion Technologies, Zimmer now provides even greater solutions for your patients.

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