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Knee Replacement Surgery For Women

women exercising

From the cells in their bodies to their taste in clothes, it's no surprise that women are different from men. In fact, research shows that women and men are different all the way down to their knees.

Key differences between women's and men's knees

The bone in the front of a woman's knee is typically less prominent than in a man's. Traditional implants have a thickness in front that may end up making them feel "bulky," which may result in pain and a decreased range of motion.

Women have a distinct shape that frequently results in a different angle between the hip and the knee when compared with men. The angle between the hip and the knee affects how the kneecap moves over the thighbone when the knee is in motion.

Many women have a much narrower framework than men. Traditional implants can overhang the bone and potentially press on or damage surrounding ligaments and tendons.

The number of women having knee replacement has grown significantly, and leading orthopedic surgeons began reporting that they were frequently making adjustments during surgery to make traditional implants fit female patients. It became clear that it was time for a knee specifically designed to fit a woman's anatomy.

Zimmer Gender Solutions® High-Flex Knee

Zimmer was the first orthopedic company to recognize that when it comes to knees, men and women are different. Our groundbreaking research demonstrated that the differences are not just about size; it revealed distinct differences between the anatomical shape of a male and female knee.

The result is the Zimmer Gender Solutions High-Flex Knee, which is contoured to fit the anatomical shape of women's knees. What's more, it is the only knee replacement specifically designed with a woman's shape in mind.

What makes the Zimmer Gender Solutions High-Flex Knee different from unisex implants:

  • Thinner Profile
    The Zimmer Gender Solutions High-Flex Knee has a thinner profile
  • More Natural Movement
    The Zimmer Gender Solutions High-Flex Knee accounts for the difference in hip to knee angles, allowing for more natural movement of the kneecap
  • Contoured Shape
    Zimmer Gender Solutions High-Flex Knee has a contoured shape proportioned to fit women's anatomies